Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Signs of Early Spring

When your birthday is on March 8, you know you were born between unforgiving Winter and Early Spring.  Soon the sugar maple trees will start to thaw , with tears of joy flowing into buckets that will be turned into the sweetest syrup.
The earth will soften from the inside , out , and make mud for dogs to get all over their paws, and cars to get stuck in. The Cardinals will have fat bright red babies, and the Robins will be dancing with the fairies. The snowdrops will begin to peek out of what is left of the snow, and the air will smell like clean laundry. 
Out at Holliday's Blueberry Acres, we will be watching the blueberry fields, and waiting for the bees to wake up. We have our gardens planned, our seeds ordered , and now we have to wait just a few more weeks.
Happy Early Spring ~

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