Saturday, February 12, 2011

Column Contest

We are a guest blogger on killercharacters on Sunday the 13th and we are starting a column contest to rename Candy's column in The Cape Crier! Here is the blog post:

Cape Willington, Maine is a great town -- quirky maybe, but I wouldn't want it to be any other way. I have not regretted moving here to live with my Dad, Henry 'Doc' Holliday and help him run his blueberry farm Holliday's Blueberry Acres.
I have enough work with the blueberry farm, but to make ends meet I have fit together odd jobs like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I now bake pies for Melody's Cafe, work at the Black Forest Bakery for Herr Georg, and  write the community column for the local paper The Cape Crier. How I got that job is a long story and had to do with one Sapphire Vine, Blueberry Queen. I get anxious thinking about it.
Now the problem is, BB Haywood has not been very original in naming said column. It is now called Community Corner. I would love to rename it but with all that is going on I don't have an original thought in my head.
It's (for Mat~) a beautiful day today. Sunny, bright blue sky and freezing cold. I have deliveries to make, so after I load up the jeep I will be on my way down the Coastal Loop.
First stop is The Main Street Diner where dad will be with his buddies. Dad said call it The Pumpkin Vine." After all you are my favorite Halloween born daughter! ". He wouldn't offer any other suggestions. Next stop Melody's to deliver blueberry pies. "Call it Candy's Crusty Tidbits" she said on her way to the kitchen.
At the Black Forest Herr Georg said " whatever you name it, it will be perfect meine liebchen".
Then what really made me mad was I heard through the grapevine what Wanda Boyle said. She said "just shut down the whole paper. She has no right to that job anyway". Wow.
My best friend Maggie's suggestion will never happen~"call it Candy's Sweet Happenings"! Not on your life Mags.
Soooo, That leaves one option. I am starting a 'name that column' contest. The contest will run until April 1st. The winner will receive one signed set of BB Haywood's books! You can send your suggestions  to, or on the blog at
Thanks for your much needed help!!!


  1. What a wonderful contest. How about "Candy's Sweet Somethings"?

    Good luck!