Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Town in a Lobster Stew

Today is the day~~Town in a Lobster Stew is out!
 The big snowstorm is on its way to Maine. This may be my last day of mail until Spring. The mailbox is just a little white door in the middle of a 9 foot high snowbank. Another foot of snow will bury it~


  1. The storm has passed over us. We got ice,sleet,snow and blustery winds. Never mind, I got to the nearest bookstore to buy a copy of the Town in a Lobster Stew on 2/3/11. Just finished Town in a Blueberry Jam- couldn't put it down!Thanks for a good read!

  2. Happy you got the book before the storm!Enjoy Town in a Lobster Stew!