Saturday, May 11, 2013

Road Trip Radio

I spent several of the days this week on a road trip to a few states west of Maine.  I started out Wednesday morning in Cape Willington rush hour. This is about 20-30 cars all backed up along the Coastal Loop at drop off time for the schools. It lasts about 10 minutes!
While I was in traffic , and waiting to begin the long drive ahead, I flipped through radio stations to pass time. I ended up listening to a song with the lyrics " I just met you-call me maybe".
It got me wondering- does she want him to  maybe call her? or call her Maybe, as in 'Maybe Williams went to the prom with Todd Coty. 
I did hear that one of Marjorie Coffins fine young sons is dating, and going to the prom with, a niece of Walter Gruthers,  Emily Frenda. Emily's Mother Eileen is Walter's sister. They grew up in Cape Willington . Their father was a lobsterman.  Back in the day, they had lobster traps piled for miles in their back yard.
The song "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's woke me out of my thoughts. That is a crazy song! Which reminds me-don't forget the Cape Willington Lobster festival August 9-12. If you need a hotel reservation, do it now!! The hotels will be booked up and down the coast. The Sea God and Goddess applications are online, deadline June 1st. This years festival will kick off with a sand castle building event. If you want to volunteer to help with the festival contact Sue Reynolds at 555-6495. or Candy Holliday at 555-7898.
One more note. The Ice Cream Shack is open for the season!  They opened yesterday, in fog and temperature of 52 degrees. It was packed!

             Happy Mother's Day~

             B.B. Haywood

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