Saturday, May 4, 2013


 Patience. Waiting for the leaves to unfold in coastal Maine takes all of it. I decided to follow the color yellow today , as a reminder of how beautiful the month of May is.  My first wow of yellow was my breakfast banana peel , gorgeous next to the white yogurt and painted blueberry pattern on my plate. (then I throw the peel into the woods to compost, it looks great there too).
   When I looked up and out the kitchen window, there was a bright yellow finch perched on one of the long sticks I intertwine behind my planter, which is filled with sunrise yellow pansies. Life can't get prettier than that.
   Then into my car, past yellow road signs that read Stop Ahead, Dead End, Road Narrows , and at the town dump (oops, sorry-transfer station) a bright yellow sign says .'Do Not Remove Anything From Metal Bin'. I didn't really feel like it was a metal removing day, so onward I went. I drove around the coastal loop. my head turning to gaze at the yellow Forsythia and Daffodils in bloom along every road side and front yard.
   As I turned down Main Street, and drove into the parking lot of Gumm's Hardware Store, I bumped into Candy Holliday, literally. She was backing out of her parking space without looking, and smack , right into my car. I should have noticed her and steered clear. She had on her butternut yellow fleece jacket, the one that makes it easy to spot her around town. She got out of her car, all apologies and in a hurry to get somewhere. I did peek into her car, because I am just that nosy. It looked like garden stakes, tomato cages, some wood, and something poking out of a partially folded tarp. I would have loved to peek under that.
  I heard the words 'hurry', 'missing' , and 'visit', and she drove away. Candy is a mystery all her own.
   A big sunny yellow lemon square from Melody's is what I need right now.

                          Happy May !
                       B.B. Haywood

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