Saturday, June 22, 2013

Phone Lines

  This week I have been struggling with lack of cell phone coverage and a crackling land line.
Phone problems happen so often in Cape Willington. I believe it is what led up to the misunderstanding between Timothy Granber and his very long time girlfriend , Amalia Vasar.
   Amalia was at the knit a pair of socks class at the Town Library, when her cell phone rang. It was Timothy, or she wouldn't have answered it during class. He was calling her from home on his crackling land line.  "Amalia, will you pick up Larry for me?". The cell reception at the library not being totally clear, Amalia heard " Amalia, will you marry me?". 
  "Yes!" , " of course I will".  
So, while Amalia was telling all of her friends in the knitting group "Timothy finally asked me to marry him! , and I said Yes! ". (though it wasn't quite the romantic proposal she had dreamed about), Timothy was home waiting for her to drop off his brother Larry so they could watch the rest of the game together.
  My friend Walter Harper told me "this one will take some time to sort itself out". "Kind of like when Barry Laskow called and asked me if  I would take in a stray dog".  "Yes, of course I would". which is how he ended up owning Charlotte the 350 pound hog.

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